Dream Network Lecture Series

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  1. Unconscious Bias
    This is a hands-on activity focusing on the subjects of diversity, inclusion, and inclusive leadership. We will deal with the issue of evolving customer demographics, creativity and innovation, and full utilization of talent. This is an amazing seminar for any business owner, leader, or supervisor.
  2. Influencing Strategies
    Looking to improve your ability to persuade and influence others? This seminar will introduce you to the latest strategies in persuasion to help you diagnosis, analyze, and refine your influencing approach and maximize your personal persuasiveness.
  3. Direct Sales: Lag Time
    Frustrated with the growth or progress of your direct sales business? Do you ever wonder why someone didn't immediately buy your product or engage in the business building activities? This seminar focuses on the concept of Lag Time. Don't miss the opportunity to learn how it relates to your business, and how to use it to your advantage.
  4. Race & Ethnicity
    Have you ever tried to compliment someone, but it turned out to be offensive or inappropriate? This seminar address the obstacles that may keep a business owner or supervisor from being approachable or relatable to those areound you.
  5. Small Business Tax
    State tax obligations can sometimes confuse business owners. Licenses, sales tax, property tax, etc. - business owners are responsible for many details. Come learn more about starting a new business or how to navigate through unfamiliar tax complexities.
  6. E-Colors
    Ever work with someone with whom you didn't get along ? Personality ever clashed with another co-worker or business partner? This seminar will heighten awareness and improve communication, leadership, teamwork and, safety by enabling individuals to become less reactive and more responsive and to live and lead with conscious intent.