Small Group Fitness Classes

Your friends. Your Fitness. Your Way.

How It Works

Who: YOU and at least one friend. To reserve a time spot a group must have at least two people and no more than ten. The price per participant decreases as more people join the group.

What: A personal group fitness class designed for you and your friends and fit around your schedule. Each group will preschedule 10 classes (Classes are 45-60min. each). Those class times will be set aside just for you!

When: You tell us! Your group can pick one, two, or three days a week to work out together.

Where: The Renovate Life, Life Center at 857 Downtowner Blvd. Suite F, Mobile, AL 36609

How: Easy! Simply fill out the form below, and we will send you an email with your class options. Reply to that email by picking an option and sending us the email addresses of your group members. We will invoice each of you with your portion of the group payment. 

Group of 5: $10.00/person per class
Group of 10: $5.00/person per class 
When each member of the group has confirmed their participation, we'll get started!
“When we try to exercise alone we can feel isolated and uninspired; together we can achieve our fitness goals.”
Felicity Luckey
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