Champion's Circle

The Champions Circle at Renovate Life offers the opportunity for our patrons to enjoy more of what they love! We now offer access to unlimited fitness classes at Renovate Life, Life Center for one low price.


1. Unlimited access to all scheduled group fitness classes.
2. Free childcare provided for all scheduled fitness classes.
3. Monthly healthy lifestyle coaching session.
4. Easy, convenient monthly subscription for only $40.


Option 1. Customers who have attended 100 fitness classes are automatically enrolled.

Option 2.  Opt-in by paying a one-time $300  enrollment fee. This fee can be prorated for classes already taken at Renovate Life. If Opt-in fee is greater than $100, we will waive your first month $40 subscription fee.

“Just talked to a friend of mine about the diversity I've seen in my classes lately. We have different shapes, sizes, ages, colors, genders, and fitness levels. I LOVE IT!!!”

~Kalonda Coleman, Founder of Renovate Life